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2016-17 Grant Recipients

2016-2017 Grants

8/31/17 (Fiscal Year 2016/17)
AHAI Diversity Program (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Alaska State Hockey Association (Block Grant) $3,854.00
Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois (Block Grant) $14,027.00
American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association (Grant) $20,000.00
American Hockey Coaches Association (Grant) $20,000.00
Arizona Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $3,366.50
Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $17,635.50
Boston Shamrocks Sled Hockey, Inc .(Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $1,500.00
California Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $12,674.00
Capital City Crew (HIFE Grant) $5,000.00
Carolina Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $4,184.50
Central Illinois Sled Hockey Assoc. (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $10,000.00
Chelmsford Hockey Association (Aspen Tech Fund Grant) $3,168.00
Clark Park Coalition (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $6,377.00
Columbus Ice Hockey Club (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Defending the Blue Line (Grant) $15,000.00
Detroit Ice Dreams (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Dino Mights (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Disabled Athlete Sports Association (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $175.02
Dominik Hasek Youth Hockey League. Inc. (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Eagle Mount - Great Falls (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $1,500.00
Eastern Michigan University Foundation (SPEC Grant) $40,905.00
Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Ford Ice Center (Disabled Grant) $13,000.00
Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Program (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Happy Valley Special Hockey Association (GROW Special Hockey Grant) $2,000.00
Happy Valley Special Hockey Association (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $10,000.00
Hockey in Newark, Inc. (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Ice Hockey in Harlem (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Idaho Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $1,604.00
Jamestown Hockey Booster Club, Inc. (GROW Special Hockey Grant) $2,000.00
Knoxville Amateur Hockey Association (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $701.52
Land of Enchantment Hockey Assoc. (Block Grant) $655.50
Massachusetts Hockey (Block Grant) $21,335.50
Mayo Clinic (SPEC Grant) $3,328.00
Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $23,411.50
Mid West Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $3150.50
Mid-American Hockey Association (Block Grant) $16,600
Minnesota Hockey Association (Block Grant) $23,388.50
Miracles on Ice (HIFE Grant) $5,000.00
Missouri Hockey, Inc. (Block Grant) $3061.50
Mobility Sports (Disabled Grant) $50,031.36
Mobility Sports (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $46,875.00
Montana Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $2,053.50
Nevada Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $650.00
New England District Hockey (Block Grant) $15,159.00
New York State Amateur Hockey Assoc. (Block Grant) $21,592.00
North Dakota Amateur Hockey Assoc.(Block Grant) $2,375.50
Oregon State Hockey Association (Block Grant) $1,226.50
Pacific Northwest Amateur Hockey Assoc. (Block Grant) $3,974.00
Pittsburgh ICE (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Plymouth AC LLC (Grant) $1,200,000.00
Potomac Valley Amateur Hockey (Block Grant) $9,870.50
Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $10,000
Promotional Video Productions, LLC (Disabled Grant) $6,825.56
Pure Hockey/Comlax (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $21,000.00
Queen City Adaptive Recreation, Inc (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $10,000.00
Rochester Adaptive Adventures (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $99.98
S.C.O.R.E. Boston (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
San Diego Saints (HIFE Grant) $5,000.00
Sharks Ice, LLC (Disabled Grant) $25,000.00
Sled Hockey America (Grant) $40,000.00
South Dakota Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $1,222.50
Southern Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $3,684.50
Statewide Amateur Hockey Florida (Block Grant) 6050.50
Superior Alliance for Independent Living (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $10,000.00
Teton Adaptive Sports (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $10,000.00
Texas Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $6,983.00
Tim's Kids (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Torah Academy (Special Projects Grant) $2,200.00
U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Museum (Grant) $30,000.00
USA Hockey Inc. (NHL Grant) $8,200,000.00
USA Hockey, Inc. (Sled Hockey Grant) $25,000.00
USA Hockey, Inc.(Resource Library Grant) $1,754.59
USA Hockey, Inc. (Strelow Grant) $73,891.29
Utah Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $1,992.5
Velocity Team Sales, Inc. (GROW Special Hockey Grant) $2,000.00
Westchester Hockey Organization (HIFE Grant) $10,000.00
Winterhawks Amateur Hockey Association (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $1,500.00
Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association Inc (Labatt Pass It Forward Grant) $552.18
Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (Block Grant) $7439.50
Woburn Youth Hockey Association, Inc. (AspenTech Fund Grant) $2,047.00
Wyoming Amateur Hockey Assoc. (Block Grant) $914.00

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