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2020 Membership Relief Fund Donors

The USA Hockey Foundation and USA Hockey would like to thank our generous donors who donated a membership to the Membership Relief Fund for a hockey player in need. Because of their support, we are able to help over 2300 hockey players across the country. Click here for a list of donors.

USA Hockey is excited to see ice rinks open so that players, coaches, officials, parents and administrators can enjoy the game we all love. Click here for USA Hockey recommendations for risk mitigation strategies for all stakeholders to promote health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. These recommendations are not intended to replace local and state government orders.

Recently, Brianna Decker was interviewed for the Foundation of Sports’ podcast, click here. In her episode she speaks about why giving back is important to her and how she is helping grow the game through her endowment. Brianna is also giving back during the pandemic through a donation to CCM who is providing masks to healthcare workers on the frontlines.

Changes to CARES Act – charitable giving incentives for 2020

What are the Federal income tax deductions for charitable contributions included in the The Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Securities Act (CARES)?

The CARES Act makes a new charitable deduction available to individual taxpayers that do not itemize their deductions. This new benefit, also referred to as a universal deduction, allows for a charitable deduction of up to $300 per individual. This is an above-the-line contribution that is deducted from the individual taxpayer’s income prior to the calculation of their adjusted gross income. This is the one charitable giving benefit that will extend beyond the 2020 tax year.

In addition to the new universal deduction, for 2020, the Act provides incentives for both individuals and corporations by increasing the available deductions on qualified charitable contributions to: 

  • 100% of their adjusted gross income for individual taxpayers who itemize their deductions. Beyond the scope of the CARES Act, the deduction for qualified charitable contributions made by itemizing individual donors is limited to 60% of their adjusted gross income.
  • 25% of taxable income for corporations. Up from the 10% limit which is generally applicable for corporations outside of the CARES Act.


A message from Executive Director Pat Kelleher

2021 Golf Classic

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Volunteer Spotlight

Amy LaPoe is a passionate and dedicated USA Hockey volunteer who is a difference maker as the special hockey representative on USA Hockey’s Disabled Section. Amy received the USA Hockey President’s Award in 2017 for her positive impact and continues to do wonderful things for kids and families.

Amy didn’t grow up with hockey being a part of her life. In fact, she attended her first hockey game as an adult. Amy could not be prouder of her hockey journey or her affiliation with USA Hockey. Amy sees the joy in the athletes’ eyes and the smiles on their faces when they take the ice. She sees the faces of parents pressed up against the glass filled with hope and pride. Her heart receives this gift every time she watches these athletes play hockey.

USA Hockey doesn’t just give people with disabilities an opportunity to play hockey, they showcase to the rest of the world what these athletes are capable of achieving. A person with a disability is redefined by USA Hockey as a hockey player who happens to be differently abled. They are athletes first and the focus is on what they can do. They are included and celebrated with all the hockey players of USA Hockey.

Amy suited her son Spencer, who has Down Syndrome, up for hockey for the first time when he was five years old. He thumped his chest with his fist and said, “I am a Power Ranger.” She saw how empowering that equipment and the game of hockey were for him. Amy never wanted him to lose that feeling. She knew she had to create the same opportunities for other players with disabilities.

Foundation Highlights 2018-19

  • Ray and Michelle Jacques and sponsor New England Schooner have funded The USA Hockey Foundation Golf Classic for the past 10 years. This 2018 event was held at Salem Country Club in Peabody, Massachusetts. Proceeds benefitted the Jim Johannson Legacy Fund.
  • On December 12, 2018, Gordon “Red” Berenson, Natalie Darwitz, Leland “Hago” Harrington, David Poile and Paul Stewart were inducted into the U.S. Hockey  Hall of Fame in Nashville.
  • Every member of The USA Hockey Foundation Board of Directors is a donor to the Foundation.
  • The Jim Johnannson College Player of the Year Award winner, Adam Fox, selected the Long Island Gulls Amateur Hockey Association as the first recipient  of a $5,000 grant award from the Jim Johannson Legacy Fund to help enhance youth hockey within the association.
  • The AspenTech Fund awarded grants to 12 deserving hockey players in Massachusetts.
  • An award of The USA Hockey Foundation, the 22nd annual Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award was presented to Loren Gabel of Clarkson University on March 23, 2019. The award is presented to the best player in NCAA Division I women’s ice hockey each season.
  • The Darian Locklear Memorial Hockey Grant program, established in 2018, awarded  a total of $13,000 in grants to  five deserving hockey players  in Michigan.

Program Highlight