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Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp

From 2018 Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp attendee Kevin Norwood

“It was phenomenal! It was a well thought-out-event and all the details make it all so seamless. I didn’t have to worry about anything!”

When learning that his uncle, a supporter of The USA Hockey Foundation was providing him with the experience Kevin said, “I only heard about the Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp experience a few weeks ago, and my initial reaction was it may be a little corny, and I can’t take a week off of work. I have to say, the Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp from the beginning to the end, everything was an experience, and it far exceeded my expectations!” When we first arrived in Lake Placid, we participated in an icebreaker, The Lake Placid Bobsled Experience, and according to Kevin that icebreaker set the tone for the week.  

His favorite part, “I’ve never handed my bag to an equipment manager before and returned to my locker to have it set up for me, it was pretty cool.”

The Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp took place March 25-29, 2018 in Lake Placid, New York at the Herb Brooks Ice Arena. Four teams compete against each other and receive an Olympic-style hockey experience.

“There were participants from Slovenia, South Africa, all over,” says Norwood. Most hockey players are cut from the same cloth, so we all got along well and enjoyed our time together. At the end of our camp, our team came in second place.”

To this day, it is still considered the greatest moment ever in American sports history. The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team-comprised of amateur players led by coach Herb Brooks-stunningly defeated the then-unstoppable Soviet Union national team by a final score of 4-3. Soon after the game was played, it became known as the Miracle on Ice.

Interested in experiencing the Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp yourself? Contact The USA Hockey Foundation to secure the spot in 2019!

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Newsletter Trivia Question & Answer

Which country invented sled hockey? 

A. Sweden

B. Switzerland

C. Germany

D. United States

Correct Answer: A. Sweden.

Sled hockey was invented in 1960 by a pair of Swedish friends who wanted to play the sport despite a physical disability.

Did you know: Ice sledge hockey tournaments have been staged at the Paralympic Games since 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway. The United States has won four gold medals in sled hockey and is the first country to win consecutive gold medals at the Paralympic Games.

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