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Ron DeGregorio Goaltending Excellence Fund

Ron DeGregorio Goaltending Excellence Fund

For more than 40 years, Ron DeGregorio, Chairman of USA Hockey, has been at the forefront of helping fuel the advancement of hockey.  While Ron is passionate about all levels of the game of hockey, as a netminder, he has a significant interest in helping advance goaltending in the United States. The USA Hockey Foundation launched the Ron DeGregorio Goaltending Excellence Fund in 2015.               

Goaltending is in Ron DeGregorio’s blood. The former USA Hockey president and current co-chair of the board grew up playing the position through high school, college and for Team USA. Eventually he started coaching and now, through the Ron DeGregorio Goaltending Excellence Fund, he hopes to continue making a difference for American goaltenders. 

With the fund, DeGregorio hopes to establish a program that develops great goaltending coaches at every level of the game for every team, with the ultimate goal of making sure that American goalies remain part of the elite corps of goaltenders in juniors, NCAA hockey, the NHL and even recreational hockey. 

Your gift will help train and support goaltending development throughout the country and will ultimately make an impact on the game of hockey in the U.S.

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